Polishing the Rare Gem That Is Linux

case in point? Linux. Fans of the operating system like it, perhaps where they can no longer see it - gasping! - Claws.

Fortunately, the Linux community includes a clearly observant observer and thinker like Ken-Starks, who recently wrote a piece, "What Would You Do to Improve Linux?"

Once FOSS fans went beyond the initial shock of the very suggestion, they had a lot to say - FOSS Force, LXer and beyond. In the broken Windows Lounge of the Linux Blogsphere, the Linux girl is found as soon as possible.

Ease factor

Google+ blogger Rodolfo Saenz described the refreshing Tequila Tux Cocktail as "I make Linux more user-friendly for general, garden-type users."

"We're using it to build and build Linux on our own, but the rest of humans - Windows and Mac humans, to be precise - want an OS that uses it without the need to touch the OS from within and Stays with it. Use the terminal. "

How will that goal be achieved

"More efficient software engineering is oriented to the end user," Saenz said. "Simple, yet difficult to implement in a FOSS world."

'Why not try to look professional

There is an integrated software installation method that will add Linux Rent Blogger Mike Stone.

"Add to that OEM and software manufacturer support, and Linux will run on the desktop overnight," he said.

Stone explained, "I am of the opinion that Linux is ready, and has been ready for some time, for the desktop computer of the average person." "The only thing that stands in the way is the availability of some software and its image as a geek toy. If there was software and it was installed like Windows, Windows would be a thing of the past.

"Oh, one more thing: I'm sure everyone loves the name 'Utopic Unicorn', but try to sell your boss the idea that you want to put that one on your server," he said. "Why are things harder than they are? I also love the name, but why not try to look professional?"

'Bring the key people together'

Consultant and Slashdot blogger Gerhard Mack "told the Linux girl that one would actually have to spend more time working together". "A lot of work is required on the original nuts and bolts."

To wit: "It's great that CUPS can automatically find a printer, but too bad that in the case of some printers, it goes on to create a configuration that it can use an Autodet printer. "

Similarly, "I think this 'ecosystem' now needs to bring key people together - from just two distributions! - setting some standards for the spread of Linux in the corporate and home-office worlds," I suggest that Google+ blogger Gonzalo Velasco c.

'I need Windows to run X'

The application was the main issue noted by Google+ blogger Kevin O'Brien.

"Linux is just as it is," O'Brien told the Linux girl. "When you talk to people about why they don't use Linux, you'll always hear," because I need Windows to run X ... ""

Those who want to do it in Linux as well as any other OS can "do just fine," and often include people who aren't hackers or computer criminals, he said. "If my mother needs to read e-mail, surf the web, and get on Facebook, any Linux distro fixes it. But my wife, who has to use the Adobe Creative Suite for her work, even if she Don't use Linux. Very sophisticated user. "

'We need people to solve problems'

Blogger Chris Travers, who works at LaserTrager, "presents some real challenges with the Linux kernel." For example, "ACPI has not worked on my laptop since I upgraded from the 2.6.x line. Support and some additional guarantees of support would be helpful."

"However, a large number of developers" are looking at people's problems and writing code to solve them, Trance suggested. "" Forget about high-level concepts such as interoperability or dynamically working with other services - this is not the issue.

We need people to listen to users and solve problems, and ideally do it for the money, because that means you guys can. "Do it." As a professional, a hobby in the form of. "

The idea is actually - "because we have the ability to do software development in the business rather than the job" - which "can do to transform the market and bring Linux to the next level," Travers concluded.

'A Stable Driver ABI'

"About a 'Roll Back Drivers' button - a tool that can bring you bad updates back. A system restore and a simple way to ask the user and get remote help if something goes wrong," SoylentNews Blogger Hairfelt Suggested.

Such devices have long been available in Windows, he notes.
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