how to check if your Aadhaar number is genuine or fake...


how to check if your Aadhaar number is genuine or fake

  • step by step instructions to check if your Aadhaar number is certified or counterfeit
  • You can undoubtedly check online whether your base number is erroneous or right

In the event that there is any grumbling identified with Aadhaar, you can enroll it by calling
At this moment you can't accomplish any work without Aadhaar card. Regardless of whether it's a financial work or a crown immunization, support is required for each work. For this situation, you can check if your Aadhaar number isn't right. In the event that you think your Aadhaar number isn't right or right, you can without much of a stretch check it on the web. Gain proficiency with the process....

Here's the manner by which to check if your help is certifiable or counterfeit...

  • First you need to tap on this URL -
  • Tapping on it's anything but a page before you.
  • When your Aadhaar check page opens a book box will seem where you need to enter your Aadhaar number.
  • Enter your 12 digit base number.
  • Enter the manual human test code that shows up in the presentation. Then, at that point click on the Verify button.
  • Assuming your Aadhaar number is right, another page will open in which you will get a message that your Aadhaar number is, for instance, 9908XXXXXXXX.
  • Additionally your age, your sex and state name will show up underneath.

This way you can check if your Aadhaar card is authentic or counterfeit.

You can record a grievance by telephone
In the event that you have any grievance in regards to Aadhaar, you can likewise enlist it by calling the complementary number 1947.

Can gripe on via mail

On the off chance that you need to grumble via mail, you need to mail your concern to UIDAI authorities occasionally check this mail and tackle individuals' issues. The objection cell tackles your concern by answering to the email
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