Whatsapp upcoming new Features


Whatsapp upcoming new Features

If you are worried about the privacy of WhatsApp, a feature is going to be added soon. According to reports, photos sent to chat using this feature can be automatically deleted. WABetaInfo, a site that tracks WhatsApp, has announced this upcoming feature on social media.

WABetaInfo tweeted that WhatsApp is testing a self-distracting photo feature. It is being tested on Android and iOS. This feature will automatically delete photos sent to chat. Apart from this let us know what this feature will do.

Photos sent through this feature cannot be exported

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Photos sent in self-distracting mode cannot be exported. This means that a photo sent with this feature will not be saved in the gallery of the sent users.

According to WABetaInfo, so far screen shot detection has not been attached to the self-distracting feature, which will inform users as soon as a screenshot of a photo is taken.

Some screenshots of the feature have been shared in the tweet. Accordingly, once the photo is sent, the photo will disappear when the opposite user sees it and closes the chat.

As per the screenshot, the user has to select the photo from the gallery to use the self distracting feature. After selecting the photo, the clock icon 'Add a caption' will appear nearby. You can then send a photo using this feature.
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