Future of crypto currencies

When you look at the cryptography based currency market, it will appear to be thrilling, concerning and mysterious at the same time. The pioneer, Bitcoin, has gathered am immense popularity in the last few years. The currency no doubt dropped significantly, but has gained back its position once again. Moreover, the ICOs for the new cryptography based currencies are emerging at a rapid phase.

A lot of money is invested in the Bitcoin industry

We cannot ignore the fact that a huge amount of money is invested in the domain. But according to the financial experts, the whole future seems little skeptical. The future about crypto-currency is based more on the predictions of the technological trends and the speculations done. There are some pro crypto-currency advocates who consider a bright future, whereas others warn people with the future of the crypto currency.

Replacement of the national currencies by 2030

It is believed by some of the leading futurists that crypto currency will stay and rule the financial market. It is predicted that the crypto-currencies are going to replace the national currencies by almost 25% by the year 2030. The crypto based currencies are considered more efficient, especially because of the way they function. Hence, replacing the national currencies won't be a very big thing.

In 2009, when Bitcoin was introduced, it showed a lot of potential and it was successful. Within a year's span, it flourished and its growth is still on, making it a legal currency and an asset in several nations. In the last few years, several other crypto type currencies have emerged and their popularity has led to legitimization of the new asset or currency apart from the conventional currencies functioning in the global financial economy.

We cannot deny the fact, that there will be some money that will be lost in the cryptography based currency economy. But, it is also believed that there is a high possibility of making profitable revenue.

You cannot expect the cryptography based currencies to function like cash

The crypto type currencies functions on the blockchain technology and is not tied to any centralized authority unlike the traditional currencies. It is often referred as the blockchain economy some experts. The IRS considers the crypto currency more like a property than the actual currency. It won't be wrong to say that Bitcoin is more or less similar to the real estate selling.

When you are selling your Bitcoin, you are passing on the discreet digital information to someone else. There are several Visa companies that have already made the use of crypto-currencies easier for the regular transactions. But, the crypto-currency is still something that needs to hold a strong position in the mainstream economy.

As for genuine understanding of anything a proper and genuine resource is needed which types are very few in existence and shrouded by bogus ones. It is not necessary that a popular one is perfect, it might be planted by some entities with ulterior motives and hence might be popular. Hence, there is need to resort to the right information resources as for right or desired results. This also becomes significant in the matters of economy on which everything else in life depends.

Being an investor of mutual funds, everyone is well aware of the fundamentals, process, and all other factors which they should know. But, are you sure you have enough information regarding the funds in which you intend to invest? Well, you must be.

It is a general behaviour of every investor that they never worry about the facts they don't know until they realise the implications of not knowing them. However, it is not right. While registering with any online portal, we come to the terms and conditions to confirm that we adhere to them and intend to get associated with them knowing all the facts and figures. But do we read them in actuality? Many of us don't. The reason being is that we believe it is a common practice and there won't be much impact of such T&Cs in our lives. Holding such a casual behaviour is sometimes fine, but in the case of mutual fund investments it may end up with various complications. Thus, it is quite essential for every investor to perform the duties and exercise the rights thoroughly in order to persuade a better investment.

The regulatory authorities in every country have set up certain guidelines for the mutual fund industry. We must adhere to them and follow the rules to make the best decision. All the Asset Management Companies (AMC) which design and manage the mutual fund programmes are obliged to disclose all the scheme related documents to the investors so that they can come to know about every vital detail about the fund in which they intend to invest. Investors too have certain duties to perform and different rights whenever they take an investment decision. They include:

Analyse the Offer Documents

The scheme related documents which include the SID, KIM, and SAI must be read thoroughly before buying the funds. They provide every single detail of the scheme including its nature, type, assets, portfolio, and instruments. With this, one can come to know about the fund's capacity to generate the required returns.

Get Annual Reports, Statements & Periodic Updates

It is the right as well as duty of every investor to get annual reports and declarations from the AMCs. Moreover, there might be some other updates in the mutual fund houses which every AMC must inform to the investors.

Receive Dividends Within Time

Suppose you are an investor in SBI Mutual Funds and hold equity funds having dividend investment plan. Then you have the right to receive the dividend payments within time after the declaration. This means, once the AMCs declare the dividends, investors have the right to get his/her share within time.

Get Updates of Changes in Schemes

The fund managers of the AMCs keep changing the funds' portfolio in order to grab the best opportunity and offer better yields. The investors have the right to receive information or updates regarding the changes made in the scheme so that they can take adequate steps in this regard whenever required.

Complaint Redressal System

Every fund house has a complaint redressal mechanism which is focused on addressing investors' problems. Whenever you have a complaint, you can approach the grievance redressal department of the AMC to get instant solutions.

Details About Distributor's Commission

All the investors have the right to know the amount of money or the commission that is paid to the mutual fund distributor by the fund house. Moreover, it is the duty of the distributor to tell the investor about the commissions or remunerations that they receive by selling other competing schemes.

Awareness about the rights and duties of the investors brings transparency in the fund management system. A well-regulated scheme has distinct advantages which help the investors in gaining superior benefits. With this, the investors get a clear view of their investments and the possibility of return generation increases. So you must be aware of all the updates related to the fund in which either you have investments, or you intend to invest your hard-earned money.


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