Gujarat Government has published Holiday list for the year of 2022

 Gujarat Government has published Holiday list for the year of 2022

The teacher should be ethical, virtuous and virtuous. Students should be given an excellent education for their livelihood. The teacher who earns his living on the money of the students should see the students perform their duty by showing them the highway of life. This is the religion of the teacher and that is the duty of the teacher. Again, we may be asked, 'Is it to teach the curriculum?' Or 'To guide the way of life?' What is the true duty of a teacher? To understand the duties of a teacher we must understand the types of teaching. There are two types of education -

(1) Business oriented

(2) Behavioral

Everything we currently study for degrees is called vocational education.  This type of education is limited to employment.  The main purpose of this education is to develop intelligence, to make a person proficient in business and to enable him to earn the money he needs for his livelihood.  This education is essential for making a person literate.  Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.  Practical education is needed to make a living.  Without vocational education, people will not become literate, as a result illiteracy will spread in the society.  So business-oriented must be in the required amount.  In earlier times the people in the villages were very superstitious, they were stuck in warp-thread.  Not anymore.  Public awareness has increased the literacy rate in the society.  There is a problem even if vocational education is given alone.  It raises intellect, makes people arrogant, arrogant and silly.  We often see some doctors, chartered accountants and engineers in society behaving rudely because they do not have adequate access to other types of education.  In short, it is detrimental to dismantle vocational education and it is not enough for society to continue vocational education alone.  So what to do now

 Just as an ayurvedic medicine is taken mixed with honey and milk, vocational courses as well as practical knowledge should be imparted.  If this is done, the medicine will not get hot and it will have the right effect!  Education must be imparted as much as is necessary for the development of the individual, for the social upliftment and for taking the country on the path of progress.  People should achieve higher degrees.  There is nothing wrong with that.  Teachers engaged in this can also get adequate salary.  This education is necessary for the economic development of the family and for raising the social level.  Teachers have to develop their personality by providing a competitive environment to the students but Alas!  At present, this type of education has become obsolete.  Schools and colleges have become a 'business'.  Discipline can be said to be the main organ of this type of education.  Which is now completely extinct.  The fact that police have to stand up in school, board and college examinations is a direct example of the decline of discipline.  The current flood of 'donations' has strained schools and colleges.  Weak students in society have no place in the midst of intense intellectual competitions.  People call those who bring fifty to sixty percent marks 'Bicharo'.  All of these things are stigmatized by pragmatic education.  It is not the fault of schools, institutions, teachers and students, but of the other type of education we have not taken.  And as a result, this first type of education is no longer in our hands.  Even in this, some schools and institutions have become so 'professional' that they do not even admit students below a certain percentage.  It is like 'teaching the learned'.

Gujarat Government has published Holiday list for the year of 2022
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