FITTR: Exercise And Weight Loss application From Google Play

Begin Your Workout with a Fat Loss Plan & Calorie Tracker | Get Fit with FITTR

Take control of your health & fitness. Exercise, eat better & lose weight to transform your body the way you want to.

With more than 2 million users worldwide, Fittr provides comprehensive guidance for fat loss, weight loss, muscle gain & body transformation. We support you to meet your health goals with our expertise & advanced insights.

Try our personalized training approach & unique methods to take your fitness game to the next level!


Comprehensive Workout Guide

Quantifiable Results

Deep Health Insights

360 Degree Guidance

Weight Loss & Muscle Gain Training

Personalized Fitness Regime

Community Support

Mental Wellbeing


Track Your Progress- Whether you are looking to manage your weight, eat healthier or sleep better, we are here to track your progress & motivate you with results that can be measured. Check your vitals like weight & calorie intake on a daily basis with your exercise trainer.

Fittr’s complete fitness tracker helps you stay on course by tracking your Daily Steps, Sleep, Water Intake, Workout Volume, & Weight & Body Measurements!

The app uses the Google Fit app to track sleep & steps data for sharing the insights with your personal trainer & you also can see its insights tab inside the "My Plan" section.

Avail Holistic Guidance- Set your goals & get mentored by 700+ expert fitness coaches & 200+ wellness trainers to help you achieve them. Our team of experts is here to provide you with core strength & conditioning, zumba, martial arts, calisthenics with yoga & meditation training. Learn comfortably in your mother tongue as our coaches can speak multiple languages e.g Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Oriya, Hindi, Marathi, English & Russian.

Manage Your Weight- Gain weight loss tips from your gym expert, achieve fitness goals with a personalized diet plan, nutrition & calorie tracker. Build your immunity with an effective diet chart & meal planner with your diet coach.

Customized Diet Plan- We ensure your smooth & effortless health journey. Log your meals & avail diet chart tailored according to your lifestyle preferences, eating habits & bodyweight exercises. The app uses your database to alter your diet in the right way.

Muscle Gain- Sign up for the online fitness classes to get customized fitness tips
Home Workout- Accomplish your fitness goals with a personalized diet plan & health insight. Do exercises that work for you. Get feedback on your diet plan & workout from our team of experts.

Calorie Counter- Choose from a variety of useful fitness tools for weight loss plans & nutrition, including Diet Tracker Tool, Calorie Counter, Training Tool, BMR Calculator, Macro Calculator, & Body Fat Calculator. Get a detailed breakdown of your macros, nutrition & make conscious decisions.

Ensure Your Wellbeing- Boost your mental & physical health supported by our experienced health experts. Learn Zumba dance, martial arts, yoga & meditation on our online personal training app. Manage your stress, improve your sleep & uncover breathing disturbances by practicing yoga at home with your personal coach.

Healthy Recipes- Keep learning along your way! Get thousands of detailed recipes with complete health details with a free calorie tracker & diet planner. New recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks & desserts are added every day!

Join a Community- When others can do it, you can do it too! Know about others' journeys, discuss your health struggles on public forums & get expert advice on the social fitness app. Boost your knowledge with up-to-date fitness & nutrition articles with our weight loss community. Get ideas for your diet plan & make your own contributions! Stay motivated by surrounding yourself with people on the same journey as you.

Download the app & get a personal coach at just INR 400/week. Embark on your fitness journey today.
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