How to Create a Facebook Business Page – Easy As pie


How to Create a Facebook Business Page – Easy As pie

How to Create a Facebook Business Page 

A Facebook business page is an opportunity for companies to increase brand recognition, create sales, and drive sales through Facebook. With more than 2.7 million Facebook users, and hundreds of active users within your target niche (or local group) it is a very powerful way to interact with potential clients and engage with current customers. Facebook is also the most popular social media site on the internet. Although not free, there are ways to market on Facebook for free.

Facebook does not currently have a place for an upload of your personal photos or a business logo. However you can add these through Facebook Downloader. Facebook Downloader is free software that allows you to upload your picture and then use it as part of your Facebook profile. Once you have uploaded your image, you will need to select "urenualized profile" under the settings. This will make it so when people "like" your status they will see your uploaded image instead of your regular profile photo.

You will need to create a user name and select a password to log into your Facebook account. It is recommended that you select a strong password because your Facebook account can be accessed by anyone, including the company itself. When you have completed the initial set-up of your Facebook business pages the only thing left to do is upload your business page. Select "urenualized profile" again, choose a password you will not forget, and then upload your photo. The person or company whose photo you are uploading will now have access to your business pages.

How to Create a Facebook Business Page – Setting Up Your Profile Area When you are ready to upload your business image, you will notice that you have two separate panels. The top panel displays your personal information and the information you want others to see when they "like" your page. The bottom panel is where you upload your image and select a color that best expresses who you are. When you upload your image, it will take up around 15 seconds to complete the upload process. You will notice a progress bar displaying the size of your photo. The good thing about uploading your image to Facebook in this manner is that you will not fill up your page with lots of!

How to Create a Facebook Business Page – Selecting Your Page URL If you want your business information to reach the correct audience, you will need to select a custom URL for it. To do this, click on "Your Profile" located at the top right-hand corner of the main page, then click on "Change" next to the word "Select." Then type in a unique URL for your business information.

How to Create a Facebook Business Page – Selecting a Facebook Page template A template is what makes creating a Facebook business page so easy. This is especially true if you have no experience editing one. All you have to do is select a template, input your information, then click "Save" when you're done. The template will already have everything you need in it to make a professional looking webpage. It will look just like any other webpage, you may have created on Facebook.

How to Create a Facebook Business Page – Add Photos You may also want to add photos to your new Facebook page. The great thing about these is that you can put a photo on every single landing page for your business (with the exception of the bottom landing page). The way to do this is to go to "Edit Profile," then under "uras" click on the link that says, "apse URL." This will add a link for your profile to the specific photo you want to post.

How to Create a Facebook Business Page – Get Started With Graph Search The last thing you want to consider doing is adding a Graph Search feature to your Facebook page. The best way to utilize a Graph Search feature is by getting started with the "Search by People." This will allow you to type in your audience and immediately get results based on their age, gender, location, company size, industry, etc. As you can see, knowing how to create a Facebook business page will be as easy as pie.

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