Wanted (Minority School / Granted School) Napad Vanta Minority Education Trust Managed Hazrat Hakimshah Bawa High School (Gujarati Medium), | Napad (Vanta), Ta. Dist. Anand, to fill the vacancy of Education Assistant for Secondary Department. |

Pre-approval (NOC) has been received from the Education Officer, Anand. Sr. Section Name of the Place Number Educational Qualification and Subject N.o.c. Correspondence Salary Standard ||

01 Secondary Education B.Sc. , J.No. / Medium. - 1 / Government Assistant Standard B.Ed. Minority School / Subject - Mathematics - Science as per 3060-31 / 3109 Dt. Candidates with qualification related to the above subject should have passed Std. 12 or old SSC. With the publication of public notice in the prescribed form in the prescribed form along with certified copies of certificates, experience certificates and all other certificates including undergraduate, postgraduate and professional qualifications.

Apply from Register A.D. in such a way that the school gets it in 10 (ten). The candidate has to attach his latest passport size photo on the left side of the application. |

(2). Undergraduate and postgraduate degree UGC. Must be obtained from a university recognized by | (2). Gujarat Government's Resolution to Implement Teacher Aptitude Test (TAT) for Minority Schools Honorable

| || Revoked by the High Court. So that the government may challenge this ruling or take any action And whatever the outcome, it will be binding on the candidate. It is only on the condition that this space is allowed to be filled which every candidate should take note of. |

(2). Department of Education, Government of Gujarat, Gandhinagar Resolution No .: BMSH / 12110/1901 / G dated 19/01/2071, all educational and non-academic employees of non-government subsidized secondary and higher secondary schools in the state are protected in case of class reduction or school closure. Is determined to give. |

(2). On the condition of satisfactory service to the appointed candidate for (five) years. / उ.मा. The Department Education Assistant will be appointed from the monthly fixed salary fixed by the Department of Education.

(2). Only if the candidate has experience of subsidized school of his / her subject along with certificate of experience

(2). Candidate for the above posts should have knowledge of commuter as per the prevailing rules of the Government. |

(2). The candidate has to submit the fitness certificate of the civil surgeon at the time of interview. However, if the candidate cannot present the fitness certificate of the civil surgeon at the time of interview, then he is present in the job selection. The above certificate has to be submitted before it is done.

(2). If the candidate wishes, he can send another copy of the application directly to the office of the District Education Officer, District Seva Sadan, Anand. Address for sending application President / Minister / Principal c / o. H. H. Bawa High School, Napad is Vanta. Near the lake, Napad Vanta, Ta. Dist. Anand, pincode: 30
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